Adult Circus Classes

All our adult classes are 17+.

  • Stretch Class – Monday 6pm
    Expand the limits of your flexibility with some contortion!
    Our Adult Stretch Class offers safe full-body stretching and requires no prior flexibility. Whether your goal is to touch down in your splits, push up into a bridge, or to simply touch your toes, then this is the class for you.

  • Circus Class – Monday 6pm
    Our Adult Circus Class incorporates juggling, balancing and acrobatics.
    Each week you’ll learn something new.

    Adult Aerial Classes
  • Level 1 – Monday 7pm
  • Level 2+ Fabric – Thursday 6pm
  • Level 2+ Bar – Thursday 7pm
    Come Fly with us!
    In our Adult Aerial Classes you’ll l
    earn tricks, poses, drops, and transitions, while building strength, flexibility and fluidity.

    If you haven’t tried aerials before, Level 1 is our beginner aerial class.
    In this class you’ll learn the basics of lyra, trapeze, silks and hammock.
    No minimum strength or flexibility level is required.

    Our Level 2+ classes give you a chance to specialise.
     new skills on silks, hammock & rope in Fabric class,
    or on lyra, trapeze & Hammock in Bar class.
    Experience is needed for these classes.

Ready to join the circus?

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